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We believe that each organisation is trying to do their best on ground in their respective social services, and thus we provide our best with a personal touch to every project we undertake

Communication Development

Creating mediums to spread awareness amongst the masses.

Campaign Planning

Strategizing communication material targeted towards fundraising for causes.

Digital Media Packages

Personalised media packages designed for social organisation.


Social causes are paving the way for real development in India. Glow in the dark collars for street dogs, relocation of trees, proper education for autistic children and many other such social causes indicate that the humans of today are sensitised, resilient and working hard to make a better tomorrow for India. The front runners of this shift are the youths, who are socially aware and use social media as an effective tool for awareness, proving that rather than self sufficiency, the motive to contribute back to the society is primary.

Two of the major obstacles faced by a cause are awareness and funds. This is where Cause Inc. steps in. A cause requires the right exposure to truly reach out to the ones who make a difference. Using expertise in communication, Cause Inc. leverages the power of digital marketing and audio visual communication to motivate the right individuals to support a cause. Further, Cause Inc. helps with crowdfunding so that causes can continue their wonderful work. As a whole Cause Inc. stands as a platform to help empower causes for social development.

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